Belgian Endive
Tri-Color Salad

serves 4

2large Belgian Endives
1small head of red-leaf lettuce
1small head of green-leaf lettuce
1small bunch of watercress
2tablespoons balsamic vinegar
1/2teaspoon salt to taste
1/4teaspoon pepper to taste
1/3cup olive oil
3tablespoons orange juice
1tablespoon mustard
juice of one large garlic clove

Combine the dressing ingredients and pour them over the bowl of cleaned salad ingredients. Toss salad and serve.

This recipe is only one version. Depending on your fantasy and taste preferences, several others are possible.

Combine Belgian Endive with raddichio, oakleaf lettuce, or red beets for the red ingredients and with arrugula, romaine lettuce, mache, or Boston lettuce for the green ingredients.

Make the Tri-Color Salad a delight for both the eye and the palate.

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