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As a Belgian Endive enthusiast, you are familiar with the distinctive tangy flavor of each leaf of this vegetable with its own special mystique.

The Belgian Endive mystique has endured since the day it was accidentally discovered by a Belgian farmer in 1830. And the mystique has been enhanced by the many failed attempts to mechanize the unusual growth process of the Belgian Endive.

The Belgian Endive's need for round-the- clock attention is still best suited to Belgian farmers, who perform their task with the passion of true artists. Their talents give the Belgian Endive its consistency.

The Belgian Endive's fame has spread worldwide as more cooks and chefs turn to the Belgian Endive because it is the most flavorful in the world.

"Flavor and versatility" are key words, as are "high nutritional value", "high mineral content", and "low sodium". And there is only one calorie per leaf.

In appetizers, the tangy flavor forms an elegant counterpoint to any topping. Try it as an entree. Cooked, the distinctly muted Belgian Endive flavor adds subtle touches. The Belgian Endive turns every salad into an elegant course.

Endive recipes abound in cookbooks and magazines, and the Belgian Endive is rapidly becoming a key ingredient in more and more American homes. Try one of the following recipes, and we're confident you'll find that the Belgian Endive, hot or cold, is truly the "uncommon pleasure".

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